Inspiring colours for creative projects

Extravagant, decorative, natural or elegant - with more than 200 colours and surface designs ALPOLICTM offers almost unlimited possibilities to give a building its very own personality. Choose between plain colours, metallic, sparkling, prismatic, various degrees of gloss and individual decors.

All colours are characterised by their extreme durability, colour brilliance and weather resistance and are therefore ideally suited for outdoor applications. Even after decades, façades with ALPOLICTM composite panels still look colourfast and brilliant. The reason for this is the coating with LUMIFLONTM. One of the highest quality coatings in the world, based on a transparent fluoropolymer resin (FEVE), which does not affect the individual colour tone. Advantages that pay for themselves: low maintenance costs and a quality guarantee of up to 20 years.

Immerse yourself in the world of ALPOLICTM colours. We will be happy to send you colour charts or original colour samples, because nothing can replace the effect of the original.

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Aluminium-Gray M0556-G30

Slate Black BSM

Beton Light MA433-G15

Brushed Bronze 80 DE AB0480

Anodic Silver DE MD9500 G30

Silver-Stucco MA523-G15



Shell-Tint M3811

Clay Red CLM

Beton Dark MA434-G15

Mill Bronze 30 DE AM0430

Anthracite Gray DE MA7105 G30

Black-Glaze MA525-G15



Moss-Green M7743-G30

CWM Cloud White

Carbon Fiber Mini MA498-G30

Mill Copper 50 DE AM0350

Bronze Metallic DE MD9504 G30



Castle White M7747-G30

Limestone Blue LBM

Black Granite MG1W-G80

Mill Gold 40 DE AM0240

Champagne Silver DE MD9503 G30



Ocean Blue M7748-G30

Metallic Gray MGM

White Granite MG2W-G80

Mill Natural DE AM0102

Charcoal DE MA7991 G30


Sand Stone M7758-G30

Olive Green OGM

Red Granite MG3W-G80

Reflective Natural DE AR0101

Cream White DE MA9102 G30



Off White M7770

River Rock Grey RRM

White Marble MG5W-G80

Deep Gray Metallic DE MD7505 G30



Serpeggiante MG386-G80

Gray Metallic DE MD7502 G30

Monotone Slate M7776

Green Marble MG394-G80

Blue M7787-G30

Travertine MG404-G80

Light Gray DE MA7104 G30

Union Blue M7797

Blue Pearl Marble MG427-G80

Pure White DE MA9100 G30

Maroon M7798-G30

Hellenic Solid Marble MG428-G80

Smoke Silver DE MD9501 G30

Flemish Blue M7800

Yellow Granite MG438-G80

Clay Pink M7814-G30

Patina Copper MM387-G15

Sunrise Silver DE MD9600 G30

M7815-G30 Adobe Pink

Brushed Aluminium Medium MM388-G15

Traffic White DE MA9101 G30

Charcoal M7991

Brushed Aluminium Light MM389-G15

White M9010-G30

Processed Bronze MM390-G15

Clay Brown MB022

Aluminium Hairline MM398-G30

Timber Brown MB023-G30

Rusted Steel MM505-G15

Mahogany MT382-G15

MB058-Mandarin Orange

Beech MT393-G15

MB117-G30 Vermillion

Maple MT401-G15

Orange MB122

Walnut MT402-G15

Apple Red MB126-G30

Zebrawood MT405-G15

MB281-G30 Cardinal Red

Oriental Cane MT406-G15

Turquoise Green MBS01-G30

Teak MT432-G15

Aqua Green MBS02-G30

Provence Oak MT506-G15

Sky Blue MBS04

Golden Yellow MBS08-G30

Signal Red MBS09-G30

Deep Verdant MBS10-G30

Yellow Green MBS17

Budding Green MBS18-G30

Sparkling Gray MD045

Sparkling White MD046

Sparkling Gold MD048

MD049 Sparkling Dark Gray

Sparkling Light Blue MD050-G80

Sparkling Blue MD051-G80

Sparkling Red MD052-G80

Sparkling Burgundy MD123-G80

Prismatic Snow ME005

Prismatic Gold ME006

Prismatic Black ME007

Prismatic Gray ME009

Prismatic Champagne ME010

Prismatic Tiger ME011

Prismatic Brown ME012

Prismatic White ME013

Prismatic Silver ME014

Prismatic Copper ME015-G80

Prismatic Sky ME017

Prismatic Sapphire ME020-G80

Prismatic Silver Rose ME033-G80

Black MJ062

Slate Gray MJ524-G30

Sepia MJ808-G30