Why ALPOLIC™ aluminium composite panels are the ideal choice for your façade project.


When it comes to high-quality aluminium composite panels for façade cladding, ALPOLIC™ is the ideal choice. Its superiority is based on a number of unique properties. In summary, they form the ALPOLIC™ performance power: durable quality, simple processing, cost-effective installation, maximum fire protection (class A1), long service life, colour variety and consistent sustainability. They are ideal for sophisticated cladding of ventilated façade constructions, both in new builds and in renovation projects, and combine the advantages of energy-efficient and economical construction with architectural quality.


ALPOLIC™ composite panels impress with further clear product advantages such as exact flatness, colour variety and excellent formability. Their versatility in processing and cost-effectiveness make them the ideal solution for your projects, even when the extraordinary is required.


ALPOLIC™ composite panels can be processed directly on site using standard tools and finished in a variety of ways to add a personalised touch to any project. In addition, the robustness of the composite material guarantees the long-term value of the project without additional follow-up investments. 


Discover all the benefits of ALPOLIC™:  

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Boost your performance with ALPOLIC™: discover the benefits!

Product Performance

The special composition of the core material in combination with our unique fusion process makes ALPOLICTM composite panels so superior. 

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Processing Performance

Significantly more precise routing and cutting with clean cut edges. Only one person required for edging even large panel formats.

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Installation Performance

With ALPOLICTM you save up to 50 % on the substructure and installation time without compromising the stability of the façade!

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Fire protection performance

Only ALPOLICTM offers you the non-combustible aluminium composite panel ALPOLIC™NC/A1 with the highest fire protection class A1. 

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Design Performance

With a portfolio of over 200 colours, decors and surface designs, ALPOLICTM is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for architects and fabricators.


Slider ALPOLIC BE SAFE Sustainability

Exemplary sustainability

With our unique KAITEKI philosophy we are pioneers for more sustainability. The 100% recyclability of our materials is the best proof.