Maximum fire protection for your building façade.

In cities and urban centres in particular, there is a trend towards high-density construction, with the construction of high-rise buildings continuing to increase. As the height of buildings increases, so do the requirements for safety and fire protection. In recent years in particular, this has repeatedly come to the fore due to numerous tragic fire incidents. As a result, high-rise buildings in many European countries have been reassessed in terms of their fire risk and building regulations have been tightened. 


Architects and planners bear a significant responsibility for planning and implementing the legally prescribed fire protection measures. The selection of suitable façade materials and insulation materials is therefore of the utmost importance, especially in high-rise buildings and buildings with a high risk potential such as schools, hospitals, hotels and retirement homes. 


Consideration of future building utilisation 


Future usage scenarios must also be taken into account, as a building can change over time from an office complex to a retirement home, for example, which changes its fire safety requirements. For this reason, it is advisable to consider the safety of buildings and their users over their entire service life. The use of non-combustible building materials is the only way to minimise the potential danger.


We make no compromises when it comes to safety


As a manufacturer of aluminium composite panels, we are aware of our responsibility and make no compromises. In line with our BE.SAFE. philosophy, the protection of human life is our top priority and has a decisive influence on our product developments. Since 1999, we have only produced composite panels that are either flame-retardant (B-s1, d0) or have a non-combustible core (A1, A2-s1, d0). Our primary goal is to offer our customers the highest level of safety, including comprehensive education and knowledge transfer on the subject of fire protection for façades. In this way, we want to ensure that you are informed about all relevant aspects.

Boost your performance with ALPOLIC™: discover the benefits!

Product Performance

The special composition of the core material in combination with our unique fusion process makes ALPOLICTM composite panels so superior. 

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Processing Performance

Significantly more precise routing and cutting with clean cut edges. Only one person required for edging even large panel formats.

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Installation Performance

With ALPOLICTM you save up to 50 % on the substructure and installation time without compromising the stability of the façade!

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Design Performance

With a portfolio of over 200 colours, decors and surface designs, ALPOLICTM is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for architects and fabricators.


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Exemplary sustainability

With our unique KAITEKI philosophy we are pioneers for more sustainability. The 100% recyclability of our materials is the best proof.