Exceptional in shape and colour

Attracting attention and standing out from the crowd - that is the motivation behind these projects. With ALPOLICTM aluminium composite panels it is also possible to realise architecturally unique building concepts. Form, colour and function meet and form a symbiosis. Fascinating, unmistakable and impressive - real highlights of modern architecture.

108N. State Street

Abdoun Shopping Atrium

Aldar Headquarter

Awaza Kongre Merkez

Burj Al Arab

Busan National Maritime Museum

Caja Vital Kutxa

Central Pinklao

Central Station

Dincalis Project

EYE Filmmuseum

Gijang Fire Station


Ichitan Factory

Jisan Beommul Library

Maricopa County Sheriffs Office

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Yacht Club

National Center for Performing Art

Ningbo Seaport Museum

Oz Shopping Centre

Pablo Serrano Museum


Pickering Town Centre

Piole Himeji


Residential Apartment

Residential house

Riyadh Techno Valley

Shanghai Yunnan Plaza

Student House

Student house

Tarjeta Naranja Project

Theater De Stoep

TV Tower Project

University of New Mexico

Wedding Hall Project

Wuhu Urban Planning

Yas Hotel

Yaskawa Innovation Center