Maximum sustainability, minimum ecological footprint

With up to 70 years of durability and low maintenance, ALPOLICTM aluminium composite panels are clearly superior to other façade materials. And also when it comes to the ecological footprint: no other aluminium composite panel releases as little  as little CO2 as ALPOLICTM


All materials and production waste used at ALPOLICTM are almost 100% recyclable. Even the waste generated during the production process is collected and returned to the material cycle. Aluminium has a recovery potential of 100%. The aluminium is separated from the core material before it is processed and reused. The FR core material can also be 100% recycled and is reused for the production of new ALPOLICTM panels. 


Our commitment to the environment is also confirmed by EPD certification.

Boost your performance with ALPOLIC™: discover the benefits!

Product Performance

The special composition of the core material in combination with our unique fusion process makes ALPOLICTM composite panels so superior. 

Performance Power Verarbeitung | ALPOLIC

Processing Performance

Significantly more precise routing and cutting with clean cut edges. Only one person required for edging even large panel formats.

Performance Power Verarbeitung | ALPOLIC

Installation Performance

With ALPOLICTM you save up to 50 % on the substructure and installation time without compromising the stability of the façade!

Performance Power Brandschutz | ALPOLIC

Fire protection performance

Only ALPOLICTM offers you the non-combustible aluminium composite panel ALPOLIC™NC/A1 with the highest fire protection class A1. 

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Design Performance

With a portfolio of over 200 colours, decors and surface designs, ALPOLICTM is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for architects and fabricators.