The No. 1 for building projects with the highest fire protection requirements: ALPOLIC™ A1

ALPOLICTM A1 is a composite panel consisting of two 0.5 mm thick aluminium cover sheets and a non-combustible mineral core (3 mm). The core consists of almost 100% non-combustible ingredients and has a calorific value of less than 1 MJ/kg.  ALPOLICTM A1 is currently the only composite panel in the world that is classified for the highest fire protection class A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1. This means: non-combustible and also no smoke development in case of fire. A sustainable alternative to façade materials made of metal or other cladding.
Like all ALPOLICTM products, ALPOLICTM A1 is easy to process and shape, weather resistant, impact resistant and has a high degree of flatness. The front side is colour-coated with the high-quality fluoropolymer resin LUMIFLONTM (FEVE), making it highly resistant to weathering, UV radiation, corrosion and colour fading.
ALPOLICTM A1 composite panels are particularly recommended for building projects where a very high level of fire protection or the use of non-combustible facade materials is prescribed - for example high-rise buildings or special buildings such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes etc.

Panel dimensions: 

Total Thickness: 4 (± 0.2mm) 
Width: 1,270/1,575 (± 2mm/m)
Length: 1,800 - 7,200 (± 1mm/m)

Dimensions for ALPOLIC™ A1


Dimensions  Standard  Unit  Value 
Total Thickness - mm (± 0.2mm)
Cover sheet thickness - mm 0.5
Core thickness - mm 3
Width  - mm 1,270 / 1,575 (± 2mm/m)
Length - mm 1,800 - 7,200 (± 1mm/m)
Bow tolerance - mm

max. 0.5% (5mm/m)
of the length or width

- mm max. 5
Tecnological Value 
Weight  - kg/m2 8.6
Specific gravity -   2.15
Tensile strength ASTM E8 N/mm2 48.2
0.2 % proof stress ASTM E8 N/mm2 46.5
Elongation ASTM E8 % 2.7
flexural elasticity, E ASTM D7250 kN/mm2 45.6
ISO 75-2 °C 115
Thermal expansion ASTM D696 10-6/°C 20.6
Thermal expansion 

Calculated Value

W/m-K 0.4
Acoustical Properties    
Transmission Loss 
ASTM E413 STC 27
Coil-Coating Laquering - -  LUMIFLON™ (FEVE) - based
fluoropolymer coating 
Aluminium alloy - - 3105-H14
Gloss (measured at 60°) ASTM D523 % 15-80
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363 - H
Country Test Standard... Results & Classification  Remarks


EN 13501-1 (below tests as required) Reaction to fire classification:
EN ISO 1182 Passed Core test
EN ISO 1716 Passed Heat potential
EN 13823 Passed Panel test
Australia AS 1530.1


Core test
AS 1530.3

Ignitability Index 0,
Spread of Flame Index 0,
Heat Evolved Index 0,
Smoke Developed Index 0

Panel test
Singapore BS 476 Part 4 Passed Core test

With more than 200 different colours and surface designs in various degrees of gloss, your creativity knows no bounds. Let yourself be inspired!

Uni colours
Uni colours
ALPOLIC™: Technical Datasheet ALPOLIC™ A1

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