First choice for maximum fire safety: ALPOLIC™ A2

ALPOLICTM A2 is a composite panel consisting of two 0.5mm thick aluminium cover sheets with a non-combustible (UK: limited-combustible) mineral polymer core (3mm). It meets the very high requirements of fire class A2 - s1, d0 and is approved by the building authorities. It can be supplied up to a width of 2m, which is unique worldwide.

The front is usually colour-coated with LUMIFLONTM or DURAGLOSS® 5000. Both coatings guarantee high colour stability, provide reliable protection against weathering, UV radiation, corrosion and acids and are effectively resistant to chalking.

ALPOLICTM A2 composite panels are particularly recommended for curtain wall, rear-ventilated façade projects that have to meet very high fire safety requirements. Special requirements apply to these façade constructions. Not only the individual building materials, but also the entire system including substructure, insulation, connecting elements, etc. must meet the fire protection requirements. In Great Britain, extensive large-scale fire tests were carried out by the BRE testing institute according to BS 8414-1. ALPOLICTM composite panels fulfilled the high requirements of BR 135. This was confirmed in 11 different test setups. The result confirms the high quality and fire safety of ALPOLICTM A2 composite panels in the overall façade system.



Total Thickness-mm4 (± 0.2 mm)
Cover sheet thickness-mm0.5
Core thickness-mm3

1,000 / 1,250 / 1,500 / 1,750 / 2,015 (± 2 mm)


max. 7,300  (± 1.0mm / m)

Technological Value
Tensile strengthDIN EN 1396N/mm2150
0.2% proof stressASTM E8N/mm2130
ElongationASTM E8%3
Flexural elasticity, EASTM D393kN/mm238.5
Deflection temperatureISO 75-2°C110
Thermal expansionASTM D69610-6 /°C19
Heat potential of the coreMJ /kg< 3
 Fluorpolymer coating (FEVE)

Polymer coating

Aluminium alloy--3105 H44 and 3005 H44
(measured at 60°)
EN 13523-2%15-80

High gloss, silk matt, 
matt and MattExtreme

Pencil hardnessEN 13523-4-H


Resistance to rapid deformationEN 13523-4-Rear impact deepening at 7.5Nm/mm: No cracks
Resistance to immersion in waterEN 13523-9-After 500 hours: No influence
Chalking resistanceEN 13523-14-Chalking out after 1,000 Q-UV test hours (= 500 hours UV-B): ≤ 10%

International fire classifications


CountryTest StandardResults & Classification 
EU(applicable in Europe, Switzerland and Turkey)EN 13823, EN ISO 1716, EN 13501-1Class A2 - s1, d0
SwitzerlandVKFRF 1
France-M 0

Great Britain 

BS 476 Part 6 & 7, BS 8414-1, BS 8414-2

BR 135
RussiaGOST 30244-94 method II, SNIP 21-01-97*,TsNIISK Natural Fire TestClass G1 "Falme-retardant materials which do not burn without a source of fire."
USANFPA (ISAM Test)passed

Large fire testing


CountryTest & Certificate
FranceLEPIR2, IT249 
APL n° EFR-22-002172
 & n° EFR-21-002195

With more than 200 different colours and surface designs in various degrees of gloss, your creativity knows no bounds. Let yourself be inspired!

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ALPOLIC™: Technical Datasheet ALPOLIC™ A2

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