ALPOLIC News Sustainability Brochure

Our strategy for a sustainable future

July 2023
The environmentally friendly and resource-saving use of building materials is an important topic in today's world. The assessment of building materials with regard to their sustainability is becoming increasingly important for architects, private builders and municipalities. The "Green Deal" adopted by the EU Commission poses major challenges for the construction industry and defines clear specifications for the assessment of products and the energy efficiency of buildings.
At ALPOLICTM we are well equipped to meet these challenges. As part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, the issue of sustainability is strongly embedded in our company – we call it our KAITEKI concept. By anchoring sustainability in our integrated management concept, we ensure that we always consider the environmental impact of everything we do.
We are continuously working to reduce our environmental footprint in a sustainable way. Our sustainability promise is based on two pillars. On the one hand, we look at our production process and develop solutions to reduce our resource consumption and avoid waste. On the other hand, our products actively contribute to saving energy and resources thanks to their long life, low maintenance costs, high reusability, recycled content and excellent insulating effect. By 2025, we aim to increase the proportion of recycled material in our aluminium sheets to an impressive 95%.
Learn more about our goals and our sustainable path in the new environmental brochure. Click here to download.