Positive ecological balance for ALPOLIC™ aluminium composite panels

ALPOLIC™ receives Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

In the construction industry, the sustainability and life cycle assessment of building elements used is an essential decision criterion for clients, architects and planners. Sustainability is a fundamental part of ALPOLIC™'s corporate philosophy. This includes careful and respectful handling of resources and production in accordance with the strictest safety and environmental regulations. Now the positive ecological balance of the ALPOLIC™ aluminium composite panels has also been certified in the form of an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) by the testing institute Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH. This EPD documents the sustainability of the products from the cradle to the factory sector (cradle-to-gate) and serves as proof for a sustainability assessment of buildings.

Life cycle assessment from the cradle-to-gate

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) enable companies to communicate the environmental impact of their products transparently. They provide information on all relevant factors during the entire product life cycle. ALPOLIC™, together with Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, has drawn up specific requirements and rules for composite materials for the preparation of environmental product declarations. These so-called Product Category Rules (PCR) form the basis for the uniformly applicable calculation rules for the life cycle assessment and for the requirements for the background report.

The environmental product declaration issued is a Type III environmental declaration, which was drawn up on the basis of EN 15804 and ISO 14025. It contains all relevant information on the use of energy and resources and to what extent the products contribute to the greenhouse effect, acidification, eutrophication, destruction of the ozone layer and smog formation. An average product from the product series ALPOLIC™ A2, ALPOLIC™/fr and ALPOLIC™ reAL Anodised was considered. The environmental impacts for the product with the highest raw density were reported. The EPD applies exclusively to the products mentioned and includes their life cycle assessment-based indicators from the cradle to the plant sector (cradle-to-gate). It is valid from October 2019 to October 2024.

ALPOLIC™ is committed to sustainability

ALPOLIC™ has been actively committed to sustainable building for many years. With the creation of the EPD, the company is underscoring its commitment to sustainability. The environmental product declarations are among the most important instruments for certifying the sustainability of buildings, as they contain objective facts about the impact of the products described over their entire life cycle on people and the environment. This enables building owners, architects and specialist planners to prove the sustainability of buildings right from the planning phase. The environmentally relevant assessment criteria for certification can thus be fulfilled without great effort. Building certification not only makes an important contribution to protecting the environment, but in many cases also increases the value of the property.

ALPOLIC™ will continue to advocate environmentally friendly solutions and products as well as sustainable construction in the future. For more information on sustainability and the EPD, please visit our website.

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