Evenly beautiful facades thanks to excellent flatness and dimensional stability

May 2021
The façade is the business card of a building. Exact flatness of the façade material is therefore equally important for architects and fabricators. With ALPOLICTM aluminum composite panels, uncompromisingly even building façade can be designed, even on large façade surfaces. This is due to the high stability and excellent flatness of the material. Added to this are its low weight and easy formability with standard tools. Even challenging shapes can thus be easily realized.
Comparing the bending stiffness of 3.3mm solid aluminum with 4mm ALPOLICTM A1 composite panels, both materials have the same values, but the ALPOLICTM A1 composite panel weighs 8.6 kg/m2 less. An advantage both in processing and assembly. 
Material ALPOLICTM A1 Solid aluminium​
Thickness (mm) 4 3,3
Weight (kg/m2) 8,6 8,9
Aluminum alloy 3105-H14 (e.g.) 3105-H14
Flexural strength (El)
(N mm2/mm)
205,00 205,00